Work with Me

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Recognizing you need help is the first step toward resolving emotional or mental health issues.  Choosing the right therapist is as essential as recognizing the need for one.

I offer a complimentary phone consultation to see if we are the right fit for each other.  You can schedule the consultation by phone, email, or submit a request from the contact form.

During our conversation, we will talk about your reason for seeking help and what you hope to gain from therapy.  You will learn about my approach and what to expect from the therapy process.

If I feel I can help you, and you would like to move forward, we’ll schedule our first therapy session.

During our first session, we’ll begin to explore, more deeply, the nature of the problem.  This information will help me assess the situation and guide the development of an appropriate treatment strategy.

My primary interest during the first session is to ensure that I understand your concerns, we establish a connection, and you feel comfortable opening up in a non-judgemental environment.

” Therapy is not to ‘talk about’ things, but to change the person’s life and to relieve suffering, such as depression, anxiety, or relationship problems.  “

– David D. Burns